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COMMUNITY STUDIO/Youth Music Program


 Participants are situated to see themselves as scholars engaged in research about the history of hip hop while The design of the program consists of participants learning the methodology of research and collecting data. How to structure and complete research notes, and document events and to see the parallels between the past and how it affects the present. Allowing this very essential skill to be taught and honed through the observance of something that they are passionate about and catches their complete attention. Participants will create music based upon the timeline. Also participants will make music that is an instrument of the times. While learning how to engineer music, write, and format music.




The Black Hands Universal Inc., Southside Community Center, Inc., Community Unity Music Education Program collective and other partners want to offer a series of events and activities that will not only give our youth exposure to various forms of artistic expression, we want to teach them life skills and prepare them to have the best opportunities to grow and become a helpful part of society. They will not only have a homeplace to be heard, but also felt and understood. Not only a place to express themselves in many and various art forms, but also have access and invitations to a variety of resources, such as banking classes, union apprenticeship programs, TC3 college and Cornell initiatives, mortgage education, business classes, and community services, through our various other programs. 

This program is a treat to any and all. From children to adults and families. These workshops are run by a young new professional local artist. The children’s art classes can help your child grow and develop their creativity, fine motor skills, problem solving ability, communication skills, self-esteem and socio-emotional abilities, and much more. Increased self-confidence and self-understanding, enhanced communication skills, and improved cognition are among the many reasons for teaching the arts. The arts are as important as academics, and they should be treated that way in school curriculum. ... Learning art goes beyond creating more successful students.

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Conscious Curriculum: Education and Mental Wellness

Black/Hispanic/And Native History


     Black HandsUniversal, Inc., in partnership with Southside Community Center, is offering a program to inmates as part of our conscious curriculum. We offer those who will participate the opportunity to learn about Black history and culture as it relates to the present day. This will create an opportunity to cultivate a stable cultural atmosphere and a positive change to individuals' mental health in the learning of positive black men and women and their stories of dedication to the further betterment of community wholeness. This in return will help shape and mold perspectives and mindsets of the individuals. Thus creating a calm demeanor which transfers into inmates that are more adhering to the jails functionality making the safety of the institution easier for all. 

We see that this helps mentally prepare those who are to re enter into society with a much brighter perspective on life and especially the community as a whole as we will continue to work with the individuals upon release.

We have been able to deliver over 200 Books to inmates in Tompkins County Jail.

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