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                   CUMEP COMMITTED


    Every summer we partner with CUMEP (Community Unity Music Education Program) to help over a hundred young children enjoy camp. We serve healthy smoothies for free to all campers and staff as well as the surrounding community. Also we have created a curriculum, program, and class for the last two summers. Last summer we created a program for children's education into climate change and gardening. This year we ran a class teaching the children how to create and engineer their own music in which they performed live at the end of camp finale. We plan to work closely with and again to partner with CUMEP in helping the low income children of our community have the privilege to enjoy summer camp.


Generating an action plan around our food security and sustainability in our black and brown communities. Providing Basic Garden Education, Access to local organic produce, and Youth Employment Opportunities! Empowering our community members to take action towards sustainable  living and encouraging families to share their knowledge and traditions of growing food. Opening doors to the hidden local talents found right here in our marginalized communities around agriculture and entrepreneurship. 

Our low-income housing communities house many ethnic groups of people, allowing for the input of neighbors and families of what they want to see growing is important for this development and garden restoration project. Allowing the input of neighbors/Community members is a start in the direction of developing trust with families being a part of the local food system and letting folks feel safe about taking action. We want to see our black and brown families receiving equal access to good food and proper nutrients provided through access. This should not be an option but an absolute RIGHT! 

Educating young folks to be knowledgeable about nutrients and understanding the importance of knowing where our food comes from.  Learning to appreciate our planet and the significance of restoring our earth source. Producing food and creating goods and products derived from the gardens to be sold will also be an idea to be explored. Encouraging people with skills to be inspired to make goods and teach youth some ways to make money and products.  

Welcoming educators within the community to help resource garden knowledge, planet and veggie identification, canning education and even basic cooking skills/ meal prep. is necessary and appreciated. Through a collective impact, and  with support of the Community, we can see these garden projects become successful. It is vital that we recognize where we may be overlooking some of the most vulnerable community members living in the listed housing complexes.





We are working alongside CDC (Child Development Center), AFCU (Alternatives Federal Credit Union, B.L.O.C. (Business Leaders Of Color) T.C.3 (Tompkins Cortland Community College) and others to create daycare as well as generational wealth for minority citizens of our city. Our targeted demographic is the city's West End. This is the area with the highest low LMI rate and the lowest living conditions in our city. As work and careers reopen and more of the people are going back to work we have found ourselves in a daycare crisis. This on top of the already marginalized and systematically barricaded minority makes it hard and nearly impossible to get over such hurdles. Let alone create wealth of any sort. 

We plan to help those who are in our program to not only find a career in child care and . But to also create generational wealth through homeownership. This is a key and essential part of one building a foundation that can be passed down. We are creating careers, businesses, and home ownership and equity.



HOME TO BED Initiative



Our Home To Bed initiative is designed to combat the extreme non-existence of beds that are available to the poor low LMI families in our city. Through our many works in different sectors of community work and organization we have found it to be a continual and perpetual problem and frustration for families that are already dependent upon programs and organizational help to home placement and other things, find it most difficult to find bedding afterwards. Also those that are poor and are in dire need of replacement. Our initiative will help to ease the burden on those that carry so much.

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