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Black Hands Universal 
Goals & Work Initiatives 

  • Mission Statement 

  • The mission of Black Hands Universal is to provide services and programs that address the needs and concerns of disenfranchised people in the nation. Black Hands Universal is a BIPOC led grassroots organization, whose strength lies in community connection, community voice, and community action. 

  • Brief description of the organization 

  • Black Hands Universal is a BIPOC led grassroots organization that was formed in response to the racial injustice within the Ithaca community. Black Hands Universal’s purpose is to create opportunities for those who are disenfranchised by the system by providing them with job placement and training, financial literacy, mental health resources, health and wellness, as well as cultural and educational resources for children and adults. 


  • Brief Executive Program Summary: 

  • We are working alongside CDC (Child Development Center), AFCU (Alternatives Federal Credit Union, B.L.O.C. (Business Leaders Of Color) T.C.3 (Tompkins Cortland Community College) and others to create daycare as well as generational wealth for minority citizens of our city. Our targeted demographic is the city's West End. This is the area with the highest low LMI rate and the lowest living conditions in our city. As work and careers reopen and more of the people are going back to work we have found ourselves in a daycare crisis. This on top of the already marginalized and systematically barricaded minority makes it hard and nearly impossible to get over such hurdles. Let alone create wealth of any sort. 

  • We plan to help those who are in our program find a career in child care and  also create generational wealth through homeownership. This is a key and essential part of one building a foundation that can be passed down. We are creating careers, businesses, and home ownership and equity. 

  • Understanding the extreme need for transportation, especially in such a “hilly” geographical location as Ithaca, we hope to have a pick up and drop off service for those who otherwise couldn’t get their child to and from daycare. This would not only provide a well needed service especially for the marginalized demographic but also create work opportunities for some in our community.


  • Our initiative is designed towards low income families who are troubled with the need for proper and affordable child care while also building equity and generational wealth for those who participate. With the help of our collaboratives and partners we hope to establish a way to help heal both these wounds on our low income communities. 

  • The objective begins by having our participants complete the proper education and certifications to run, facilitate and create a family day care service. Our made to specification daycare homes and playgrounds will be built and provided to our daycare providers. Each house will be built to fit the maximum capacity of children. 

  • Those of our participants that are undergoing the proper education will be able to tangibly gather the needed number of hours in order to become daycare providers at our providers facilities. All certifications and educational needs will be met and provided through the support of  CDC as well as TC3 making sure that our providers have all the skills, knowledge, and aptitude necessary to provide our community's children with the best possible childcare opportunities. 

  • The participants will become the owners of their own homes and businesses creating generational wealth and equity through ownership. With the expertise of our partners at AFCU and BLOC we will get our participants into our buildings and help them to navigate the business aspects of home daycare providing. This we know very well is an essential part to continuous longevity in any business. Also, it is often the most overlooked.​

  • We are deeply committed to policies aimed at reducing racial bias and improving the criminal justice system.


  • Our goal is to create a future in which everyone has access to fair credit, livable wages, and health insurance. More broadly, our plan focuses on providing educational resources to increase financial literacy in our community. 


  • Ability to educate citizens, residents, and legislators about the costs and consequences of criminal justice system.


  • We want to proactively address circumstances that unfairly hold Black people back and create equitable solutions that move us all forward.


  • We intend on having an anti-racist agenda.



Part of an anti-violence & Youth Mental Health Awareness Project

( Health & Wellness Branch)

Music, dance, poetry, photography, videography, and art are very significant facets of black, brown, and indigenous peoples culture. Music has been one of the greatest ways in which our youth have always been able to flush out their internal thoughts, feelings, and emotions externally. This program will allow such youth who have suffered so much in their growth and development to  thrive despite  a system that has been created to ruin them. Also, the mental stress and anguish which we all share due to this pandemic. The program will give them the space to express themselves through the arts of music, painting, dance, poetry, and other innovative mediums. The need for a therapeutic environment that will cultivate mental health in the form of release is great and this work will keep  them focused and busy doing productive activities. We plan to create a team and community environment. A cultural and artistic institute for older children, teens, and young adults.

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Vision:  Hands That Heal
Collaboration with Black Hands Universal



Black Hands Universal is calling upon community members and organizations to support, collaborate and invest in disenfranchised people. We are an established 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on bringing equity to those who have been marginalized by the criminal justice system and disrupting the systems of power that enable this injustice. 

HOME TO BED Initiative



Our Home To Bed initiative is designed to combat the extreme non-existence of beds that are available to the poor low LMI families in our city. Through our many works in different sectors of community work and organization we have found it to be a continual and perpetual problem and frustration for families that are already dependent upon programs and organizational help to home placement and other things, find it most difficult to find bedding afterwards. Also those that are poor and are in dire need of replacement. Our initiative will help to ease the burden on those that carry so much.


How It Works

    We understand the common difficulty so many organizations face in dealing

with beds. Everything from pet smells, to bed bugs, to size and storage, and the list goes on. We see that the solution is to be airtight, hermetically sealed, and brand new. Affordability is the key. There is a solution that is both affordable as well as comfortable and accommodating. 

    We are seeking a small budget that will allow us to purchase and store bed in a box sets and frames. These beds are affordable, durable, and comfortable. They are easy to erect and light to move. Every family may receive a bed and frame per person. Sizes of the beds will be determined upon the ages of the persons. (Queens being the maximum size) Our people will keep track of all numbers, deliver beds, as well as put them together.

    All participants will be screened based upon LMI percentages. Participants will be screened usually beforehand being that beds will be purchased with vouchers from either DSS or other organizations here in Tompkins county and Ithaca city limits. 



This program will help to create new jobs in our city.

Number Of Jobs expected: 5

  1. Director

  1. manage, coordinate and supervise business activities of the company and ensure the company's employees are provided with the best working conditions.

  1. Secretary

               b) answering calls, taking messages and handling 

                                correspondence. maintaining diaries and arranging 

                                appointments. typing, preparing and collecting reports.

  1. Mover #1

    c) Simply put, full service movers will do everything associated with 

                 your move. This includes: Supplying all packing materials and   

CASHAPP: $BlackhandsUniversal

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